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What are some saying about some of The Best Burgers in Brooklyn NY?

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The 11 Best Burgers in New York City

imagesTop chefs pick their all-time favorites, from burgers with fat, mid-rare patties dripping with juice to thin, crisp disks of beef smothered with cheese. These are the ones the true masters crave when they’re off duty. Photographs by Eric Medsker/Bloomberg …. Click Here To Read More
By Tejal Rao

Fox News - NY Best Burger Truck

NY Best Burger Truck – Fox News

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The Next Great Burger

There’s no food more quintessentially American than the burger. This summer, Esquire Network is hungrily on a mission to find the next best iconic classic. A new generation of backyard BBQ kings are looking to take burgers to a whole new level, and that means a bigger, better, more adventurous experience that dares the taste buds. In this 6-part competition series, ingenuity is on full display as up-and-coming culinary hopefuls have a shot to showcase their perfected version of one of the nation’s greatest obsessions: the burger. Read More 

Hard Times Sundaes Brooklyn Magazine

New York Times –** NEW **

Hungry City: Hard Times Sundaes in Mill Basin, Brooklyn
It was high noon at Hard Times Sundaes, a food truck parked behind a Walgreen’s in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, and the gas wasn’t on. “Can you give me a minute?” asked Andrew Zurica, the owner, cook and lone employee. Carrying a propane tank in one hand, he sprinted to Home Depot. Behind the truck, the sun was throwing diamonds on the water in a boatyard that was laid waste two years ago by Hurricane Sandy. It had taken me 1 hour and 40 minutes to get here, by subway and bus, a long journey in search of what I had heard was one of the best burgers in New York City.
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Eat Up New York, Burger Heaven


PUBLISHED ON 11/18/2014
BY Drew Korn
I received a text message from some reliable west coast taste buds. “I read a NY Times article about a burger truck in Mill Basin, it’s called Hard Times Sundaes.” So the adventure began! The New York Times thinks they know everything! Well, they weren’t wrong about this one. I pulled over and parked my car alongside the picnic tables and had to see what all the rage was about. At first I peeked with no intentions of getting anything, maybe just snapping a couple pics and seeing what this food truck was all about. After listening to the guy in the truck throw some Brooklyn attitude out of the window at some kvetchy customers I was sold! Making jokes at customers, that are borderline rude and whiney, shows some real confidence! Of course, to the Brooklyn trained ear, these jokes were harmless and meant with love! Read More Here.

Hard Times Sundaes Brooklyn Magazine

Brooklyn Magazine –

Hard Times Sundaes, One of Brooklyn’s Best Kept Secrets… and Best Burgers
Of all of Brooklyn’s only sporadically mentioned and generally un-hip neighborhoods (whatever that means, really), Mill Basin just might be one of the un-hippest. Located on the southeasternmost end of the borough and served mostly by buses (the nearest subway station, a rickety old Q, is still a good half hour’s jaunt away), it rarely attracts visitors or day-trippers—unless they’re touring sprawling, multi-million dollar houses, that is, or on a pilgrimage to the gritty Kings Plaza Mall. Read More Here.

Best Food Truck Burgers Brooklyn NY Hard Times Sundaes


PUBLISHED ON 9/14/2014
Yes, living in NYC is kinda super really insanely OH MY GOD THIS BEER IS HOW MUCH? expensive, but no, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a good, cheap burger. Case in point, here are 15 different, and all totally delicious, $10-or-less burgers in NYC. Read More Here.

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Hard Times Sundaes –

BY Brad Garoon
The Experience: Early last year, I visited The Luncheonette in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, and had a burger so good that it changed the way that I think about hamburgers. The Luncheonette’s owner and chef, Andrew Zurica, walked me through the paces of his burger making process, winning me over with his dedication and his product. Sadly, the Luncheonette closed a few months later. I caught up with Zurica shortly after that and ate a Mexican version of his burger at Jalapeño. It was good, but a bitter reminder that his burger was no longer readily available.
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